Long ago, there was a glorious time in rock and roll. A time of guitar-driven rock with hooks that would have lighters high in the air. A time with guitar slingers who not only owned the stage, they owned the audience with adrenaline-filled marathons of what was good and right about the power of music.

While stadiums are now filled with synth, auto-tune, there are still a few brave keepers of the light prowling backroad bars with Les Pauls and Stratocasters…serving up righteous rock to the faithful. 

There is where you will find Distant Cuzins. 

A band that carries on the mission of their rock forefathers – leave the audience breathless.

With their second album now under their belt, and having shared the stage with major bands including Kansas, Ryan Adams, and Smashmouth, Distant Cuzins have established themselves as one of the premiere rock bands in the Midwest. 

Distant Cuzins is:

  • Nate Krause: Guitar and band pretty boy
  • Ben Lokuta: Drums and anything hittable
  • Sam Miess: Guitar, vocals, and sweet, sweet moves
  • Nic Tierman: Bass, vocals, wearer of red pants


New Music!

We've been back in studio and laying down tracks for our new album, coming out later this year. But you can check out a couple of the new tunes now!

Everything's Fine is the first single and you can get it on iTunes by clicking here!

It's also available on Spotify and Amazon Music!

Our brand new release, Let's Sleep Together is now available on iTunes! Click here to pick it up - its also available on Spotify and Amazon Music!

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Distant Cuzins

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