What the hell happened to Rock and Roll? It seems like it’s been beaten to death by house music, easy listening, and auto-tune crap. Is rock lost to history? Nope.

You just found it again. 

The Cuz have nothing but driving guitars and pounding drums that share their vision, their resurrection, of Rock and Roll. 

With their third studio album under their belts, and having shared the stage with major bands including Kansas, Ryan Adams, and Smashmouth, The Cuz have established themselves as one of the premiere rock bands in the Midwest. 

Check out the music. See the live performance. Believe in rock again.

Don’t worry, it’s gonna be ok.

The Cuz is:

  • Nate Krause: Guitar and band pretty boy
  • Ben Lokuta: Drums and anything hittable
  • Sam Miess: Guitar, vocals, and sweet, sweet moves
  • Nic Tierman: Bass, vocals, wearer of red pants


The New Album!

It's here!

Love found. Love lost. Ships passing in the night. Lust. Romance.

Our third studio album, Songs About Girls, is available now everywhere online and on CD. Click here to order!

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