What the critics say about Big...

Some reviews of our first effort:

Local Sounds Magazine (Sept 2016):

...The song is “Need Someone (to break my heart),” and they know enough to lead off with their best.  The twin guitar riffing gives way to a statement by the bass before kicking into the verse. Lokuta’s drums are tight, complementing the proceedings with tasteful tom work. The inventive middle section demonstrates Distant Cuzins’ ability to craft a great rock song.

There is tension and release in “Low” while “Wok-Fried Soba” shows their swagger. “Explain Yourself” is classic rock all the way with chromatic dissonance employed to build to the chorus. “We will not explain ourselves / We will don’t have a story to tell / And when the clock rings it’s bell / We will fall like everybody else,” Tierman sings in the middle section which uses time and meter shifts to good effect. A live take, “Ruttin’ Like a Hog” closes the EP in gritty, blues-rock form. A soundman’s lament, it finishes things out on a humorous note, proving that these guys are having a great time in the moment, not taking themselves too seriously.

Isthmus (Sept 2016):

With a sound that’s been called everything from “classically punk” to “classic rock meets rockabilly” to “just straight-up rock,” Distant Cuzins takes influences from their parents’ album collections (Journey, Rush, the Clash, Bruce Springsteen), as well as Foo Fighters and the ska scene.

Big., a new EP produced by the band and engineered and mixed by Dustin Sisson, a longtime mentor for the Foundry’s Rock Workshop program for young musicians. Featuring five original songs, the EP provides a succinct sonic synopsis of Distant Cuzins’ sound, highlighted by the dark, hook-filled “Explain Yourself” and the delicious diss “Wok Fried Soba” — one of the first songs the band wrote.

What the critics say about Need a Light?...

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More kudos...

Here's some of the awards we've gotten...

  • 2015 Launchpad Battle of the Bands Runner-Up
  • 2015 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Rising Star Nominee
  • 2016 Rockonsin Battle of the Bands Wisconsin State Champion
  • 2016 Madison Area Music Association Breakthrough Artist of the Year
  • 2017 Rockonsin Battle of the Bands Wisconsin State Champion
  • 2017 Kilbourn City Live Battle of the Bands Champion